Weddings FAQ

When is Omena Cut Flowers open and does the owner have to be there?



What blooms when?



How much do flowers cost if I pick my own?



Are you available to consult?


Initial phone conversations are free. Often we may need to call you back in the evening or on weekends. If we end up doing flowers for  you, we have a pricing structure we can share. Generally we can offer various containers and will price by the size container and the width of the mouth of the vase, plus the cost of our labor.


Should I bring my own containers?


I have milk jugs and jars on hand, but love it when you can bring your own containers. Small buckets, large jars and plastic coffee cans are great for collecting different varieties of flowers. I have scissors, water and preservative on hand. If you want some preservative to put in your vases later, I sell the packets in my shed.


What bridal items do you offer?


We will create a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet for you along with your bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, table centerpieces and flower crowns. We also offer barrel toppers and large centerpieces. We work with two other great florists for larger installations such as arches.


Do you deliver?


If it’s nearby, we will be deliver the flowers for a fee. Or, you can pick them up here for free. We will keep your flowers in a refrigerated space until you arrive.


Will you order in something special that the bride wants and you don’t grow?


While we love to use our own flowers and what is freshest and most beautiful on the day of your wedding, we realize that you may have a desired color scheme, and can order in flowers to compliment what we are growing.


What is the best time to cut flowers?


Anytime! However flowers do like to be cut morning or evening, when it is cooler.


What about greenery and fillers?


I have some great fillers growing here and advise using, spirea branches, sedum Autumn Fire, lemon thyme, oregano, and others. I also often cut cedar branches to frame a bouquet so if you have some cedar trees near you, you’re in luck!


How many days ahead of my wedding can I cut?


Everything I grow is designed to last 5-7 days in the vase because I have weekly subscribers I serve, and if flowers don’t last at least that long, I would quickly lose my customers. Some things last even longer (i.e. sweet William will last 2-3 weeks in the vase.) If you cut and put flowers right into water with preservative (on site) and store in a cool place, you can easily cut a day or two before the wedding. They will be gorgeous.


What about payment?


All flowers are priced by the stem and there are signs in the beds indicating cost. Keep track as you go with the clipboards and pens I leave for you in the shed. Add up what you’ve spent—it’s an honor system. Leave cash or a check to Omena Cut Flowers in my gray lockbox in the shed, or you may also pay via Venmo to Carolyn Faught.


Anything else I need to know?


I always encourage brides to have a back up. I can’t promise what will be out there when you come and I have never had a bride be disappointed with my supply. I have an acre of flowers under cultivation, but still—if there is a particular flower or color you have your heart set on, Sam’s Club or a florist may come in handy.


How can I contact you?



12401 E Freeland Rd

Suttons Bay, MI 49682 (Click for directions)