Option 1 - Have us arrange your flowers!


Meet/talk with us so that we can hear about your vision for your special day. We can create your bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, chair swags, centerpieces, barrel toppers and table arrangements—even a basket for the flower girl or boy. (See the photos above for bridal bouquets from June, July, and August. We think they are pretty spectacular and so did the brides who carried them!)


Flowers may be picked up from our farm shed here in Omena, or we can deliver to your venue for an additional charge. Before we get started, we ask that you fill out our contact form so that we have an idea of your wedding date and what your needs are. Then we will email you to set up a time to talk in person or on the phone in order to provide you with a proposal/quote.

Option 2 - Do It Yourself


Come with friends or family to pick your flowers for later assembly. Bride Sarah and her friends (above) made their own bouquets.



Option 3 - Part Do It Yourself, Part OCF Designed


For DIY, I supply scissors, water, containers and floral preservative. It’s also a good idea to bring your own buckets and jars of varying sizes. If you pick your flowers and store them in a cool place with preservative, they will definitely hold for a few days. (Cooler morning or evening hours are good times to cut.) Everything I grow lasts a minimum of 5 days in the vase. Of course the closer you pick your flowers to the wedding, the fresher and more beautiful they will be. You may pay by check, made out to OCF, and leave it in my lock box. I have pens and notepads in the shed for people to keep track of what they pick. Flowers are priced by the stem and marked by the row.


I suggest that DIY brides come out a week or so in advance to see what is blooming, what is about to bloom, and to make a sample bouquet or two. I also suggest that DIY brides have a backup source if there is a particular color, flower or filler that they are after. There is usually a large supply to pick from, but it’s advisable to have a second source to supplement if necessary.


"We came to pick flowers for our wedding tables - everything was easy and the process was super fun! It was a great thing to do with my bridesmaids and we got so many cute photos. Carolyn then did our bouquets for us and they turned out beautiful! Such a great mix of flowers! Again, she was super easy to work with and all we had to do was pick them up. Would definitely recommend for all weddings and events!!" - Maureen Clemons Peck

One thing is for sure.  Visiting the garden on the shores of Omena Bay, whether you are a DIY bride or picking up your order, is guaranteed to soothe everyone’s nerves. It also becomes a cherished part of one’s wedding memories. Take lots of pictures while you visit the garden, and please share your photos with me.



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